Most restaurants are really loud

When you’re out to eat, many things can make or break your dining experience. The wait could be long. The service could be poor. Your food might not meet expectations. Or maybe the tables are so close together, you feel like your party of two grew into a six-top.


While many of these issues can be changed or fixed, there is one thing about eating at restaurants that you can’t do anything about — noise.

“I’ll take as side of loud noise with that, please.”

Noise is everywhere, but seems particularly challenging at restaurants. There are multiple, simultaneous conversations going on. Dishes, pots and pans clanging in the kitchen. Ambient music playing (usually too loud) over the stereo system. Depending on the restaurant, a TV or two could be blaring. And today, as more restaurants are designed with hard surfaces (tile, wood floors, etc.) the noise is even louder.


For people with normal hearing, restaurants can be a challenge. For people with hearing loss, it’s even worse. Not the actual hearing part, but understanding what companions are saying.

Today’s hearing technology can help

Our Livio Edge AI hearing aids feature artificial intelligence and our most rigorously tested environmental detection system. That means they’re smart enough to distinguish speech from noise, whichmeans they’re able to amplify what friends at the table are saying while suppressing the clanging, the music and the din.


With Livio Edge AI hearing aids, going out to eat or celebrate can be fun and comfortable again. (No guarantees they can improve the food, though.)

Try Livio Edge AI today

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By Starkey Hearing Technologies blog