People wait too long to treat hearing loss

Today’s hearing fact isn’t surprising when you think about it. Most hearing loss is subtle and gradual, worsening in tandem with our aging. So it isn’t always obvious, like when your vision starts going wonky.

Plus, let’s face it, people can get by with a little hearing loss. They just turn the volume up on their TV, ask others to repeat what they said, or try other coping methods.

Finally, truth be told, fixing bad eyesight with glasses carries no stigma anymore, whereas wearing hearing aids to hear better might — though it's definitely getting less and less.

Waiting isn’t worth it

Here’s the question, though — is getting by worth it? Is putting off getting help for hearing worth the hit it takes on our quality of life? Is stubborness worth missing our favuorite sounds, lessening our love for music or movies, or isolating us from the people and activities we enjoy most?

If your answer is no and you’re ready to treat your hearing loss and live life to the fullest, we can help. Call 0800 042 0000 or click here to find a hearing healthcare professional near you. Then, schedule a consultation to test your hearing and discuss treatment options. 

By Starkey Hearing Technologies blog