Doctors rarely test patients for hearing loss

If you’ve been to your doctor lately, you would probably agree with today’s Hearing Fact Friday: hearing tests are rarely part of a typical exam or appointment. Doctors, today, are increasingly seeing more patients, appointment times are shrinking, and unless hearing issues are the reason for your visit, your physician will usually prioritise other tests, labs and questions.

If hearing issues are a concern, most physicians will refer you to hearing healthcare professional or your local audiology clinic, just as they’d refer you to a dermatologist for skin concerns or podiatrist for a foot issue. This hearing “specialist” will have the equipment and expertise to examine, test and prescribe treatment for any hearing problems you have.

Even if hearing loss isn’t an overt concern now, it’s wise to get regular hearing screenings once you reach 50. Hearing is linked to so many quality-of-life issues, that you’ll want to proactively stay out front of any hearing loss. If you're unsure what to expect from your first hearing test, there's nothing to worry about. We've even complied this blog article about what to expect at your first hearing test.  

Click here or call 0800 042 0000 to find a local hearing professional who can provide consultations and screenings. Or, ask your GP to refer you to a hearing specialist they recommend.

By Starkey Hearing Technologies blog