Livio Ai tap control feature

A month ago, we introduced Livio AI — the world’s first hearing aids with integrated sensors and artificial intelligence.

Just as the iPhone forever changed what people could do with a phone, Livio AI is forever changing how we think of and use hearing aids to help with far more than just hearing loss. Adding sensors and AI for the first time ever in a hearing aid is just one reason why.

Tap Control takes advantage of Livio AI’s integrated sensors

One immediate benefit of adding sensors is a new feature called Tap Control. With Tap Control, Livio AI users can stop or start audio streaming by simply tapping their ear twice.

That’s right: you don’t need to touch your hearing aids at all — the integrated sensors detect the taps on the ears, which then activates the “pause” function of our TV or Remote Microphone + accessory.

With two quick taps most anywhere on your ears, you can temporarily pause TV streaming to talk to a companion, or — say you’re at a restaurant with a friend — pause a streamed conversation with them to answer a waiter’s question. It’s an efficient way to stop and start streaming without needing to fumble with your hearing aids or search for a button to press.  

Tap Control is just the beginning

The integrated 3D motion sensors are also what allow Livio AI hearing aids to track your physical activity (like a FitBit), and soon — via software update — will make them the first hearing aids ever able to detect falls.

To learn more about Tap Control or what else Livio AI hearing aids can do for you, call 0800 042 0000 or click here and we’ll help you set up an appointment with a hearing healthcare professional who fits them.

By Starkey Hearing Technologies blog