The world is filled with people pretending that they can hear fine

Today’s hearing fact isn’t surprising! Most age-related hearing loss is subtle and gradual, with a drop in your levels of hearing over a extended period of time. “Getting by” or "coping" with a little hearing loss is a lot easier than, say, vision impairment. Take driving, for example. Or reading. Fixing bad eyesight with glasses carries no stigma, whereas wearing hearing aids to hear better might — though it’s definitely waning.

Is waiting worth it?

However, we should ask ourselves the question “is waiting (or ‘getting by’) worth it?” Is putting off getting help for hearing worth missing out on all your favourite sounds each day, lessening our love for music or movies, or isolating us from the people and activities we enjoy most? 

If your answer is “no” and you’re ready to treat your hearing loss and live life to the fullest, schedule an appointment with a hearing professional near you. Alternatively, you can call 0800 068 3533 to find a local hearing professional. 

By Starkey Hearing Technologies blog