Repeat after me: hearing loss is treatable

Have you heard the saying, “it’s funny because it’s true”? This cartoon definitely falls under that category (though, admittedly, funny is a subjective concept).

If you’re close to someone with hearing loss, it should at least resonate. We’ve all been there — acting as the translator, trying the lip read and if that doesn't work…the repeater.

If you have hearing loss, it should feel familiar, too. Asking people to repeat themselves isn’t just frustrating for you — it’s equally frustrating for the people you ask. But we know you know that. If you want to experience what hearing loss is like and how an loved one might be struggling - what not try our free online hearing loss simulator?

Treating your hearing loss can put an end to that frustration for all involved. And hearing loss is a very treatable health condition.

Start by consulting with a hearing healthcare professional. Not sure where to find one? Just call 0800 068 3533 or click here and we’ll help you locate a specialist in your area.

By Starkey Hearing Technologies blog