Hearing aids are about those magical moments

Hearing aids are about those magical moments - Happy Starkey Customer Review

Hearing loss is a very common condition experienced by one in six people. Terry Matthews is one of them. Having enjoyed an illustrious career in retail working for big names such and Marks and Spencer, Terry’s hearing slowly deteriorated over a 20 year period as a consequence of illness. Terry says, “As I learnt more about my hearing loss I couldn’t believe how common it was. It propelled me to share my story to encourage others take action so they don’t suffer in silence and miss out on life”.

It was his wife that finally provided the catalyst to do something about his hearing. Having been married for 40 years he could see the impact his hearing loss was having on her. Turning the volume up on the television, mishearing and having to get her to repeat conversations. Terry adds, “I knew that it was frustrating for her and unfair. In many ways my hearing loss was more burdensome for her than me. I knew if I did something about it I’d get some brownie points so that was a big motivation for me.”

Terry went to his local independent hearing centre, The Congleton Hearing Centre, and was fitted by hearing aid expert Anthony Berg with the latest in the ear hearing devices Muse iQ 2400.

Terry says, “I’m 73 but I really feel like I’ve been reborn! My hearing aids are amazing. It took me very little time to adjust and now I can hear everything perfectly. They are custom made for my ears and very comfortable to wear.

Terry adds, “My hearing aids are the best investment but despite how clever they are, it’s really not about the hearing aids. It’s about the magical moments that I can experience as a result of them. I have two grandchildren now and without my hearing aids I would miss out on some many of those joyful moments.

There were certain activities I’d stopped doing such as going to the local quiz night because my hearing loss prevented me from participating and being able to hear the questions. Now I’m back at quiz night and can hear the all questions perfectly although it doesn’t help me get any more of the answers right!

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By Starkey Hearing Technologies blog