10 reasons to have a hearing test

Hearing loss happens. It’s the third most common health problem in the UK after arthritis and heart disease. Hearing loss is also very treatable — and more successful when early intervention is taken and hearing loss is acted upon, usually via a hearing test. If you suspect you have hearing loss, here are 10 reasons why you should schedule a hearing test with a local hearing professional and find out for sure.

1. A hearing test is painless, frequently free and should take less than an hour.

2. Untreated hearing loss increases your chances of developing dementia.

3. Hearing loss may be an early warning sign or red flag for other health conditions, such as diabetes. This is why we always recommend having an annual hearing test

4. If your hearing test shows your hearing is normal, you can tell your mumbling teenage kids or grandchildren it is them (and not you). Why not take a 5 minute online hearing test? If you are experiencing is hearing loss, why not ask your mumbling teenager to sit our hearing loss simulator, which emulates hearing loss and will give them an understanding of what you are experiencing.

5. The Mayo Clinic recommends baseline hearing tests for adults.

6. Untreated hearing loss increases your chance of falling.

7. Treating hearing loss with hearing aids is proven to reduce the risk of cognitive decline.

8. Untreated hearing loss is known to contribute to depression and social isolation.

9. Hearing loss treatment has been shown to improve earning power.

10. Because you’re proactive about your health and care about your quality of life!  

Think you may have hearing loss? Find out for sure by scheduling a hearing test with a nearby hearing professional today. You’ve got nothing to lose and engagement…connectivity…not-missing-out… to gain.

By Starkey Hearing Technologies blog