Does hearing loss play a role in mental sharpness?

Staying mentally sharp is not only vital to aging well, it’s a top concern of adults. When asked what could prevent them from maintaining mental acuity, adult respondents (60 and older) identified three key barriers — all of which have been linked to untreated hearing loss:

  1. Loss of important relationships
  2. Decreased cognitive ability
  3. Depression

Treating hearing loss is proven to help remove these key barriers by having a positive impact on relationships, reducing the risk of cognitive decline, and boosting optimism and confidence. 

Treating hearing loss can reduce the risk of cognitive decline 

Starkey’s new SoundThinking site details this correlation between hearing loss and mental sharpness, and interactively illustrates how and why treating hearing loss is something you can proactively do to help you age and live well. 

By Starkey Hearing Technologies blog