7 things digital hearing aids do that most old ones can't

If you’re looking to buy digital hearing aids, there’s never been a better time than now. Why? Because today’s digital hearing aids have advanced significantly from hearing aids of just a few years ago — not only in terms of sound quality and performance, but also the wireless compatibility with mobile devices and the small hearing aids in terms of size that have become more discreet.

Today’s hearing aids — particularly Starkey’s new Muse iQ, Halo iQ and the Muse Rechargeable devices — are made to fit and enhance every aspect of your life by improving your current levels of hearing loss. They sync easily with other, everyday technology, like your smartphone and television, so you can hear music, phone calls, podcasts, and watch TV and videos simply and more clearly. Directional microphones within the digital hearing aids can detect and adjust sound levels automatically, so you can just put them on in the morning and forget about them until you go to bed. And thanks to advances in digital processing, today’s hearing aids can distinguish between sounds better and faster than ever, so they can amplify the sounds you want to hear (voices and music, for instance) without upping the sounds you don’t (wind, clanking dishes, etc.). 

Find out for yourself by scheduling an appointment with a local hearing care professional. They will be happy to offer a demonstration of the latest rechargeable hearing aids, so that you can see the benefits of better hearing when addressing your hearing loss. If you are still unsure about your levels of hearing loss, why not take a free online hearing test?

By Starkey Hearing Technologies blog