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79 percent
believed hearing loss had made a difference to their professional performance.

Hearing loss within the workplace

Changing demographics in the workplace means more and more people are working later in life and this trend is set to grow. Hearing well in the work place is vital to performing well. However, as we grow older, many of us will begin to experience hearing loss, which can have a negative impact on our ability to work effectively and productively. In a recent study* on the impact of hearing health in the workplace, over three quarters of those questioned (79 percent) believed hearing loss had made a difference to their professional performance. In terms of financial impact, hearing loss can reduce your earning ability.

With today’s hearing technology, there is no need to struggle with hearing loss at work. Hearing devices are sophisticated and discreet — playing a significant role in helping employees stay engaged and connected in the workplace.  

Try our SoundDemo to listen to the difference hearing technology can make in helping you hear in a meeting environment.  

If you or a loved one are showing signs of hearing loss, our free online hearing test can help you identify a potential hearing loss. (During Deaf Awareness week Starkey will donate £5.00 to the Seashell Trust for every online hearing test completed.)

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