Noise and leisure

A range of products you can use to protect and preserve your hearing health.

Hearing loss prevention starts here

Hearing loss can be a direct result of an occupation, a recreational activity or simply exposure to loud sounds. From specialty custom earplugs to musicians' sound attenuators, our SoundGear product line offers a variety of protection and listening enhancement solutions. Talk to your hearing care professional for details about your hearing protection and listening needs.

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For Swimmers

For swimmers

Whether you are a swimmer, surfer, enjoy snorkeling, regularly take part in watersport activities or just enjoy a dip in the sea during a summer holiday, infections and swimmers ear can cause issues. Starkey's range of ear protection for swimmers is designed to ensure that you enjoy the water without experiencing discomfort or ear pain.

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For industry

As a leading manufacturer of custom fit earplugs that provide outstanding noise protection, Starkey’s protection and enhancement products are the first step to preserving hearing health. Whether you are working in a noisy printing press, an agriculture environment, on a construction site or within the transport industry - Starkey has the perfect solution to protect your valuable hearing from these potentially dangerous levels of noise exposure.

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For Industry
For Automotive

For motorcyclists and travellers

Motorcyclists and frequent flyers can be subjected to high levels of noise that become dangerous over a prolonged period of time without adequate protection. MotoSafe utilises wind noise filters to guarantee optimal protection, whilst FlySafe earplugs protect against noisy engines and enable peaceful sleep on longer plane journeys.

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For sleeping

SleepSoft earplugs suppresses any noise from the environment to a comfortable level. This eliminates the nuisance caused by traffic, snoring sounds, neighbours or other noise, while still being able to hear sounds of a high frequency such as crying babies, the doorbell or an alarm clock, which is possible thanks to the earplugs’ special acoustic filters.

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For Sleeping
For Children

For children

Children’s ears are more sensitive to extremely loud noises and potential ear infections than adult ears. In some cases, there can even be hyperacusis, which is very high sensitivity to noise. Whether it’s protecting children’s ear from loud noises during bonfire parties and music events or reducing the likelihood of infections when swimming or enjoying water sports – Starkey’s range of children’s ear protection has the perfect solution.

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